This corner piece at Anton’s place caught my eye this lazy morning. .
I know, naught about flowers, I think these ones are called Morning light, water flowers.
Well at least the little kids enjoying the water were calling them.

Ooh there is this “little strong guy” in the pic doing amazing tight rope walk on the blade of grass.

I imagine he told his mates, “I am just going for a walk to smell the flowers and enjoy the view at the morning light, water flowers place. This queen is just too much. Give me a vibration when she causes. Ssasawa?”


Reality in Fiction


I love movies! But who doesn’t?Or rather many would associate with movies.

Nowadays we just don’t have movies but TV series, web stuff and what not. It so happens, I have a thing for science fiction, and if it is delivered in audiovisual format it is a double joy for me!

There was TV program (man! don’t I feel archaic saying this) I loved called The Twilight Zone when I was a kid and it always screened on Sundays after 9:00 pm news. I always wondered if ever there was a thin line-that was invisible to me, between the fiction in the science and the reality of my life. {Yes back then I considered my teenage years a huuuuuuge life, it was the isht!}

Years later and the many advancements in technology, I do I feel glad to have seen and experienced these changes in my lifetime. It seems I was not far off from thinking of a close to reality the fiction I enjoyed in my teens and still do enjoy now.

The Netflix series “Black Mirror”  seems to have some chilling parallels to our current reality that the series portrays.. capture

Here’s the full article by Steve Blakeman

Random rumblings in the Here and Now…

12 minutesb

It so happens I am a “Noct”! Actually the word is a nocturnal but it sounds more modern-high-techie said as so. I’m not sure if “Noct” is actually a word. But hey! I always have been, a Noct-I become active at night rather than going to bed. For this I am blaming my design school days where I would “sleep tomorrow and wake up tomorrow”.

This is not uncommon. What am up to is ..errm… not that it is not important. Well lets see

I just stumbled on an interesting DIY website, and there is this link from a online group I belong to that has got me glued to my screen. The wrist-watch search I have been doing for a long while, it is now that I am getting some good hits, and the mosquitoes are on a blood-thirsty frenzy.

Wait…. and there is this radio stationed that I have stumbled on as I started this which is playing some classic African rhumba music. The kind of music that is 12 minutes long. Twelve minutes of soothing , leg thumping and finger snapping from the perfect marriage of guitar strings ad mellow sounds and a bass line so perfect. I feel like I am swimming. 12 whole minutes of nothingness that is not boredom. 12 minutes of music in a language that is unknown to me but I don’t care. The 12 minutes makes me wonder what could I do in the 12 minutes that the song is playing .

Such is the fire to the “Noct” behaviour. More like the wood that keeps a fire at the camp-fire alive and kicking….I digress.

If I had only 12 minutes left what would I do with it? Think of the pretty faces that I missed the chance chat up rather than smile and admire from far? Remember the embarrassing stuff I have done in my yesteryears? Weed out my phone book? Catch up with this book that is now overdue…truthfully am afraid to finish reading it. Could this be that I am delaying gratification? Why did I get internet to the house…it is not helping!?

Well three songs have passed. 3 sets of 12 minutes thinking with my fingers on the keyboard. What did I do with the 12 minutes? I did this; what is here. Words of admitting my nocturnal tendencies.

I am still breathing. My senses still good and for this I give Thanks. Another 12 minute track is about to end, it is coming to the part where you can’t hold it and have to get up and dance.

Enjoy your sets of 12 minutes.

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In response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now