This corner piece at Anton’s place caught my eye this lazy morning. .
I know, naught about flowers, I think these ones are called Morning light, water flowers.
Well at least the little kids enjoying the water were calling them.

Ooh there is this “little strong guy” in the pic doing amazing tight rope walk on the blade of grass.

I imagine he told his mates, “I am just going for a walk to smell the flowers and enjoy the view at the morning light, water flowers place. This queen is just too much. Give me a vibration when she causes. Ssasawa?”


A Love/Hate with the Outdoors

For the love of Kenyan Outdoors; is what they say they do, and they call themselves Kwea Milele.  I’am a kwerian myself and sometimes the climbs we do are as (silently) emotional as they are adrenalin charged, so to describe them, is no mean task.

So there is this Mount Olorgeisailie…..

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I can’t see the end. Grassy, rocky, thorny path. The grass is making me itchy. The rocks are cutting my tough hiking shoes. The thorns and giving me tatoos. Panting.

Can’t breathe. Why did I leave my super-fast laptop and internet to come here. Are we there yet? Oh, we are 20% done. Great! WHERE is my water? I had 2 liters 30 minutes ago. Why do I have only 200ml left? Do I drink it or do I pour it on my face to cool myself. Wait, is that a giraffe!!?? Are those gazelles!!? Am I GONNA DIE??  …….The grueling climb to Mt Olorgesailie with @KweaMilele

My Mum-Mama Africa

Apparently September 14th is Valentine reloaded. Yep! If you didn’t know now you know! So what has that got to do with anything, well nothing much really other than another reason to look at the date September 14th differently or as some say another reason to paaartieeeey! In the spirit of kuji-enjoy that we Kenyans love this means an excuse for us to continue celebrating women and declaring how lucky we are to have them. I just wonder if we (and in this case Men) tell them (our women) to their faces how much we celebrate them. Imagine if we had all the hype and hullabaloo as we have during Valentine (yes I did go there). Wouldn’t that be something?

Talking of luck. I am lucky and grateful and celebrateful (is it a word, if not it should be) to be born in Africa. The great Mama Africa……so I went through my archives for images to celebrate Mama Africa… her awesomeness and beauty and awe. Of course in equal measure to my Mum and all the women. *Okay I have just totally depicted the “men with their mom” syndrome.

  1. Sunrise from my window
    Once a pon a time this was the view I woke up to in the morning and also the reason why I got to work late.  

But at times being late has a plus side. One of these is if you’re lucky and get to Mombasa by road, late at night , this is the “drive through light dance” and from where you can’t miss the lights at the Mombasa Port

2. Mama Africa offers many homes, so crossing the borders to see the “relatives there” is in order
It’s amazing how similar rather than different these homes are. Make we wonder why we go to war with each other ( RIP, Lucky Dube!); this civil war is bad news for Mama. Mama lets you take any path, whether its that path not taken, or the path to getting lost! Either way, the experience is the thrill. Mama Africa lets you get lost to find your way, to appreciate what is ahead of you, and what is above you. Once in a while the moon keeps you company during the day.

To where the land meets the ocean. Where her tears and sweat touch the rest of the world and her sky and earth signal the end of a days journey. Mama Africa doesn’t just let the day go like that. There is more to come from her bosom. As the sun sets……….

with it comes the Peace and Calm

There is what we do to give back to Mama Africa,

what we make and show her off , to ourselves with the skills, vision and talents she bestowed and taught us

There are those we are responsible for,

…..of which Mama Africa will remind us that at her home East meets West and North meets South

She teaches us to celebrate.

Because in Mama Africa’s house, nothing brings us together like food, a drink and laughter. Telling our stories, sharing the day’s events and celebrating our Mama the best way we know how. With Drums and the sway of our bodies and whatever that can churn a rhythm

Our voices and instruments make us story tellers.

 Mama’s children are some of the greatest story-tellers ever born. No matter the language, the stories of love, victory, grace, joy, pain name it. The sights, touch and sounds of our Mama are best told by us. We live it, we sing it, and we share it we play it we LIVE it UP!

My Mama Africa, she’s the future, with potential for today. She has in full bounty just about the same of what she lacks. This, my Mama calls Opportunity. The promise for her children, my Mama Africa

Happy September Valentine to Mama Africa and all the mothers of Africa…..