What worries me about being Kenyan and a 12 year old President

It so happens that today is the second day after voting in Kenya. The second day after we stood in the sun or shade from 2, 3, or others 10 hours so as to exercise our civic right and duty to cast our ballot.


Amazingly, on this day two and with the hullabaloo about the delay in relaying results, its amazing to see and talk to people and see them stressed, going through emotions, lose all energy, from their choice candidate either not showing growth in votes, or votes growing at snails pace. Personally I think the time could be well spent doing something like washing the dishes, or looking for a girl who can make chapatis.

We Kenyans are a worrisome lot and of short memory; and this is the one thing that Worries me about being Kenyan. We should be more concerned about the Governors, Senators, Ward Representatives and Women Reps or if we can attain the 2 thirds gender balance.

The constitution we passed, immensely devolved power and decisions to a point where even a 12 year old can be president, if so the people would choose one. A system of checks from Parliament and Senate to ensure that each and every appointment or decision is proper and representative of the country and for the good of it.

We should be more concerned if we voted the right people into the Senate who will represent the diversity, safeguard the interest, support and push the development of our counties as well as, with the muscle to check the upper house.

A Governor who has a clear development and management sense to be entrusted to manage the affairs of the county including resource and revenue management and mobilization.

MP’s who understand policy issues and can effectively and efficiently look at the interest of our constituencies and wards,and have the balls to stand up and check on the excesses or decisions of the President and Executive. One who will be interested in the good of the people not their own.

Ward representatives who have the aspirations of the local people at heart and not merely interested in being “big shots” and flexing their muscles to be recognized as waheshimiwas. Those who understand that the local infrastructure is their business.

Women Rep, who will not just be there as flowers to the cap of the house. That they can articulate the agenda of the people not just of women, but of men, children, men, the aged and whole society. Women who will be heard and not just seen. Who will have the ability to make their mark in history as women of influence of political and development will and strength.

This is what I worry more about. Give me a toddler as president for all I care, but if these are not set, then it does not matter whom we elect president. Because it will not be any  different from our last disappointment of a government.

PS. I’m thinking of moving to the diaspora, so that next time I can vote diaspora-tically. I can’t miss girls who’re expert chapati makers there or at least pancakes would also do.