Reality in Fiction


I love movies! But who doesn’t?Or rather many would associate with movies.

Nowadays we just don’t have movies but TV series, web stuff and what not. It so happens, I have a thing for science fiction, and if it is delivered in audiovisual format it is a double joy for me!

There was TV program (man! don’t I feel archaic saying this) I loved called The Twilight Zone when I was a kid and it always screened on Sundays after 9:00 pm news. I always wondered if ever there was a thin line-that was invisible to me, between the fiction in the science and the reality of my life. {Yes back then I considered my teenage years a huuuuuuge life, it was the isht!}

Years later and the many advancements in technology, I do I feel glad to have seen and experienced these changes in my lifetime. It seems I was not far off from thinking of a close to reality the fiction I enjoyed in my teens and still do enjoy now.

The Netflix series “Black Mirror”  seems to have some chilling parallels to our current reality that the series portrays.. capture

Here’s the full article by Steve Blakeman


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