Inter Alia

There has been a song on loop in my head since I woke up today. The song Vanity is by a Kenyan musician who so happens to be among my favorite singers and composer; Daddy Owen.

Such is an interesting choice of song that the people in my head decide to leave on repeat for a better part of the night that by dawn it was on my lips. I say interesting because I am thinking I probably may have done a deed and God was watching me keenly. I can just imagine the conversation between God and one of his angels. I believe there is an angel called Patrick (and why not! This is such a cool norm name)

Angel Patrick: Ooh my God!..

God: You too! What is it angel Patrick?

Patrick: ooh, sorry big guy! Well its just this guy. I am sure you know, he just may have gone overboard; almost borderline to gloating. But maybe it was taken out of context.

God: Now which guy? You know you glance over many of my children Pato. (yeah God has a sense of humor which he throws in once in a while or all the time when he feels like. Because surely how do you explain this Nairobian habit of shortening people names as if they are too long a sentence. Its just a name. Calling Patrick, Pato seems to throw Patrick off-balance)

Patrick: Well you see this ‘B.C.’ guy who keeps posting ….

God: {Chuckles}..this ‘The year nini nini B.C.’ dude forced that one real good. It seems to have worked and it stuck as name or is it a brand? No si he has another name which he calls a brand….eh! Okay

Patrick: Yes…he’s the one. He’s been randomly displaying his project and I think he may be forgetting where it all comes from. He’s gone a little bit past the line. But no worries I have a plan I have put in action.

“Ooh, but you know he’s really done a good job. You remember that he was praying for patience and we gave him even more than he asked for, which he would use up as fast. Is there a hashtag about patience on what he displayed?”

“Eeer..eee…not really. Though it is implied.”

“let me check again and see..”

Well that what I think how the conversation went and the result was the song in my head. On a continuous loop. It is now past 3 pm and it still in the background even with my headphones on listening loudly to another song (Its Franco and TP OK Jazz). Its like a fly in the back of the band still buzzing and at the mouths and noses of the singers.

It all happened and among the last things I did was share this


Now you tell me, even if your are not religious…



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