Appreciating A Journey of Learning

It’s been a while since I last dug in here and let my words pitch tent permanently. It possibly has to do with the many thoughts in my head about everything and nothing in particular.

It so happens that there are some important responsibilities as an Alumnus. It is a great privilege and feat to be called an Alumnus, because lets just face it, any academic endeavor is tasking and requires sacrifice. To learn demands of us to un-learn what we already know or think we know….the advice goes.

As a recent Alumnus of London South Bank University’s (LSBU) interesting Masters course called Education for Sustainability (which if there was a way to make it happen, I would wish for all leaders of the world-political, business, and whichever kind;  to go through it, even if its just a portion of the course).  I was asked to make a short video about my experience with the course post graduation and what has been happening to me past and through the EfS scholar life.

Education for Sustainability (EfS) is about the interrogation and exploration of how learning can help, inform or guide us (humans) towards a sustainable development and future. And No its not just about the environment, its about our way of life, our cultures, our relationship with each other and not forgetting the politics, economics and science of “developed” vs “developing”, “Global North” vs “The South” and yeah, the Environment-We just got this ONE Earth, thats it, no spare. 

Here goes…….


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