“FIF” factor of a bucket list

It so happens that…….ooh well it just did, so Kick It!  There is something about bucket lists.

Granted the Movie was and still is one of the best in my view. I just find them ….a little ginene. (Ginene is a rather magical phrase. It can fill the space in a conversation where you can’t just find the right word. It can be something naughty….for the times you’re referring to something of the sexual nature or describing a body part. It it can also be as simple as saying the word “something”) 

I have realized that “F*&^ it” lists are more interesting. Reflecting deeply on this, it so happens (aaah there you go) this was more of what I lived by. Such a handy, refreshing, invigorating, and ginene mantra not just for work but in life. I called it the FIF factor

The FiF factor is inspired by comedy one guy to be specific: Katt Williams…a confession here folks. I looove comedy to bits. Comedians are the angels of this life.  Just think about; if you can’t laugh, what can you do!?

So FIF is F*&^ it Factor,  or just FIF factor. Have you ever had one of those experiences where no matter the effort you put down, either by design, influence or just randomness; things don’t work as they were to be….<okay you can insert the phenomena that is “the Boss” here>.


Or those things that our so called “society” expects you should have done, or achieved by xx age and you are no where close to the vicinity of it..just like the milk in the tea served at funerals. Just FIF!

Katt Williams so rightly puts it….



…….there is a chemical in…..that is called F*&^ it/ and if you could just get that into your system it could change your life

To Katt, there is a context to the FIF.  But trust you me you can always learn and borrow the FIF and live by it, without the need for Katt’s context for the FIF.

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list? Hell there is only one thing. Its more than just a list.. its the FIF factor









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