A Love/Hate with the Outdoors

For the love of Kenyan Outdoors; is what they say they do, and they call themselves Kwea Milele.  I’am a kwerian myself and sometimes the climbs we do are as (silently) emotional as they are adrenalin charged, so to describe them, is no mean task.

So there is this Mount Olorgeisailie…..

Reblogged from http://www.iddsalim.com

I can’t see the end. Grassy, rocky, thorny path. The grass is making me itchy. The rocks are cutting my tough hiking shoes. The thorns and giving me tatoos. Panting.

Can’t breathe. Why did I leave my super-fast laptop and internet to come here. Are we there yet? Oh, we are 20% done. Great! WHERE is my water? I had 2 liters 30 minutes ago. Why do I have only 200ml left? Do I drink it or do I pour it on my face to cool myself. Wait, is that a giraffe!!?? Are those gazelles!!? Am I GONNA DIE??  …….The grueling climb to Mt Olorgesailie with @KweaMilele


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