IWD in (Hand) Writing

think I have a fairly good hand writing I must say. I spent a better part of my day scribbling notes next to people with terrible hand writing. Not saying that mine is any better, but my dear lord. Sadly, the scribbling was in trying to take in evidence for the endorsement of these 6 amazing young individuals who had in a 2 day window for preparation managed to come out the best us beauty Queens and Kings. Actually If the judging process considered handwriting, none would be here.

For a brief moment I felt or came close to feel like my primary school teacher (whom back then, for reasons only known to her), painstakingly ranted and breathed fire about my handwriting. I think my parents especially my mum got the same memo from her because the story was the same at home.  Then came the buying of felt pens and ink-pens, (or fountain pens as we called them, do they still call them so?); drawing an additional middle line on books to guide our words and ensure even ness in lower-case text. Heck we even used graph books for a whole month!

So now I have an excuse that, it’s my notes and not for public consumption so I write the way I want, break the rules so to say. I can say (and do say) that my hands are impatient, I cannot take to focus on how the writing looks.

So what has hand writings got to do with anything? Well ask that to graphologists and you’ll probably get a ton of reasons. For me it’s this. With Computers; Notebooks and Ipads; “Qwerty” keypads and touch screen; Styluses and OCRs…we seem to want to archive the idea of writing by hand (How sad for Mrs. Magara my primary school teacher).

Amazingly we “write on walls” on Facebook and comment on statuses as we follow tweets and retweet. But in all this instatnces we don’t really write by hand do we?.

So on this day of celebprating Women Internationally, let’s make itsa special, don’t “wall it, or tweet it, or share it no r tag it (I know you want to). Just get a paper dras in an additionall line if you have to; or better yet get a graph paper, No shame about it. G et one of tjhose fountain pens; hand-write a message to that sister, mother, cousing, girlfriend, daughter, collegue, wife, fiancée, that special  or too famialir lady. (Hand) write down that “happy women day message”. Just remember to cross your “t”s and dot the ‘i”s straighten the “b”s and “p”s and ensure that the lower-case are the same height.

Don’t worry when you go wrong you will get a feeling that your version of “Mrs. Magara” is standing over you telling you to maintain the length and height of your “m” and “n”.


I scanned this (OCR) from my notesand in the spirit of keeping with the message I did as liitle spell check as possible.


2 thoughts on “IWD in (Hand) Writing

  1. My grandma once saw my small handwriting and remarked that i’d have to by her spects for her to read the letters if i ever write her one.
    I still write in tiny handwriting and i love it 🙂

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