7 Billion hustlers, hagglers, debtors;……dreamers, inspirators, leaders and followers

If I was a number I would be 4,726,254,076 (try this words). Well in a way I am but since it’s a mouthful, B.C. works just fine. As I try to see if this fits in a sentence of personal introduction; apparently the 7thBillion world inhabitant has been born; okay actually there may just be more than one 7th Billionth inhabitant. Word is that on 31st October 2011, the 7th Billion inhabitant was born to this world; this according to many is a big deal!! Considering I am number 4,726,254,076 and this is according to the BBC News, then I guess the 7th billion is or should be a hybrid, more like an i9 processor if there was one!

But on the same it got me thinking more, what’s the big deal anyway about person number 7Billion; and should there be any? Is what was said about the 7 Billionth enough?  I would have wanted some fanfare, hype and a lot of noise about the 7 billion.

Look….In one of Hindu greatest stories of is that of Lord Krishna. The story is told that Krishna was born at a “high risk period”. The King at the time, who was his uncle, was in a killing spree of Krishna’s previous siblings; because he had found out that Devki’s (Krishna’s mum {google of course}) eighth child would be born to kill him (The King thus decided to imprison Krishna’s mum and dad). The plot was thus to sneak the newborn out and get him to safety on his birth, one stormy night. So the newborn was hid in a covered basket and sneaked out of the prison (milango ya gereza ilifunguka just like in the Paulo na Sila song/story). As the man (father) was crossing a river, the water levels rose rapidly and wildly almost drowning the poor man; only to touch the baby’s feet for the waters to calm and part to allow the man to cross!!

Okay other than exposing how much I was a fan of them Ramayan movies; take that for an awesome “big deal”!!!

The birth of number 7 Billion (or aptly the many 7 Billionths); should have come with a huge attachment. Even something as fictitious as a country wide blackout; preceded by energy flickers wouldn’t be a bad idea; something, anything. But Alas! I presume it’s for us to make a big deal of the 7B.

Maybe I ‘am wasting my breath rambling or trying to justifying my being 4,726,254,076 instead of say 5,000,000,000!

For Pato’s sake, we’re 7 billion! 7B heads that think, 7B eaters, occupiers of space; 7B consumers, hustlers, hagglers, debtors; 7B masters, experts, dreamers, inspirators, leaders and followers. But just ONE WorLd!! Call it a quarter-life crisis, or maybe the effects of ugali skuma na avocado; but kuna vileeee!!

I guess it’s not my place to trouble my mind with such matters of big figures; maybe I should just make peace and let it be. But heck, there should be a big deal for the 7 Billionth.  

I’m Just SaYinG!!


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